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About us: We are not NUSKOOL or OLD Skool but. . . . True Skool.    True Skool Music is for the free spirited, passionate and confident person. This is the funk 808 bass your mom warned you about. ((( We got the Bass, the Beats and the Melody ))) We are an independant imprint dedicated to dropping original and remix jams for over a decade with that Florida Funk style. Our artist tracks will get you high on flavor alone! Our Trademark is a symbol for underground flavor -ask for it at your local record shop and/ or distributor.     Like to meet: Bass Freaks, Djs (WHo need to get their Fixx of funk), breakers and electronic music fans alike. Party people who love too rock and roll to contagious melodies. - It's time we become friends. www.myspace.com/trueskoolmusic     History:True Skool Music was formed by Skynet-Durden as a 2nd imprint or netlabel for Skyco Productzens (formed by two friends inspired by music, impressed by musicians, on the mission to share their passion).The idea was to handle all it's digital releases as-well-as provide a way to experiment with sounds and styles. Offering music files immediatley to the public from the artists via one of T.S.M'.s  many trusted downloadable retailers. The company manages brands and trademarks; coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, promotion, and enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; conducts A&R; and maintains contracts with it's artist.  T.S.M. is now offering hard copy CDs in addition to direct download and stock of all Skyco Productzens material including, DVDS, CDS, Tapes, Mini disc and VINYL. We have many new releases scheduled for 2009 and hope you will check out all of our tracks and drop us ffedback on these fine sites: Dropshop.com., United Breaks, Gremlin Radio, No Haters bbs,  E Nation, Reverb Nation, Internet DJ and DI Radio (Digitally Imported).
True Skool Music
E' verything that is a floor jammer
Afco, Skynet, Mikee Mix, Icee, Gorillaz - Breaks, Bass & Florida Funk

one of my personal favorite mixes. . had a lot of fun with this at a good time in my life. Its definitly more Florida funky breaks influenced by my good friend Afco.

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TSM - CLub Masters Mix 1
lots of fun club breaks . .. . recorde live @ Bass Bin Studios party 6-11-09

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