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I have 8 years of DJ experience. I have followed the trance scene intently since 1999 and started out DJing on the advice of a good friend - Junior Puente, as my then vast music collection lay redundant. I started out with the usual Technics SL1210 Mk3 and a Dateq XTC mixer. I have a huge collection of music CDs, it was then that I decided to go digital and that is where I am now. My style is mostly trance and I usually utilize harmonic mixing. With my somewhat knowledge of music production, my mixes are fully mastered too.
Paul van Dyk, Oliver Lieb, BT, Ayla, Paul Oakenfold, Sven Väth, DJ Taucher, Cosmic Baby, Robert Miles, Sasha, Push, Dance 2 Trance, The Thrillseekers, Humate, Jam & Spoon and DJ Junior.

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Size: 112:6 Mb.

Size: 95:23 Mb.

Size: 170:83 Mb.

Size: 96:23 Mb.

Size: 207:25 Mb.

Size: 106:4 Mb.

Size: 130:15 Mb.

Always old-skool, never nu-skool.

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Size: 434:73 Mb.

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Transcendence Vol.2

Size: 158:12 Mb.

90 minute mix.

Size: 90:68 Mb.

Just a quick mix.

Size: 79:02 Mb.


Size: 79:28 Mb.

Practice freestyle scratch session.

Size: 58:56 Mb.


Size: 67:41 Mb.

Dark wave mix.

Size: 71:27 Mb.


Size: 79:46 Mb.

Chill-out trance.

Size: 82:28 Mb.


Size: 41:33 Mb.

New Order.Joy Division mix.

Size: 60:41 Mb.

Depeche Mode Special Mix

Size: 42:48 Mb.

2 hour mix.

Break hits from the '80s.

Size: 76:47 Mb.

Energetic mix from 2010.

Size: 79:41 Mb.


Size: 111:38 Mb.

'80s mashup.


Size: 66:23 Mb.

More stompy stomp-ness. With a twist.

Size: 77:25 Mb.

Goa, psytrance + psybient.


Size: 110:28 Mb.

Hello, everyone. It's been a while,

I'm back with a breaks mix that introduces dubstep later on throughout the mix.


Size: 72:53 Mb.


Size: 91:43 Mb.


Size: 73:06 Mb.

2 hour trance mix.

The transitions from "Brazil" to "Flash" and "Loops & Tings" are way off. I realize it sounds sloppy but I really didn't wanna go back and correct the mistakes... (Laziness for the most part, lol)

Size: 133:49 Mb.

Stompy stomp?

Size: 79:05 Mb.

50 minute ABBA mix.

Size: 59:45 Mb.

90s megamix.

Size: 77:22 Mb.

Dnb mix under the hour mark. Enjoy.

UK Oldskool hardcore for ya'll.

Progressive uplifting psytrance.

10 tunes, 55 minutes.


Bouncy, funtastic happy hardcore mix. Enjoy.

Short psytrance mix.


First mix of 2012. Enjoy.

Space tripping with goa trance. :)


40 minute hard house mix.


Laid back trance. Enjoy.

Nearly 2 hours of fantastic trance tunes.


Slighty edgy hard trance mix. Enjoy.

'80s Hi-NRG Mix.


Dark drum and bass mix.


A selection of memorable \'80s songs.

Old-school DnB. Strictly hardcore.

Goa trance madness.

Trance mix featuring some timeless trance classics.

I chose special producers who have inspired me a lot.


Nu skool breaks and progressive breaks mix.


Kicking it off with nu skool breaks and finishing it up with some Florida breaks.


13 deep and dreamy tunes that will make you smile 'til the end. :] Enjoy.

Back with another trance mix. No Serato and no Virtual DJ here. Mixed using vinyl. This was a live mix at a friend's house.

Starts off as mega mix. Enjoy.

Old-school hip-hop. Enjoy.

If I can remember correctly, freestyle was the very first electronic dance music genre I got hooked on throughout my early childhood up to my pre-teen years. So here's my take on freestyle. Enjoy.

Latest trance mix.


Another speed garage mix. This one is more commercial than the last one. Enjoy.

Crazy good speed garage mix. Mostly dub tracks. Classic old-school sound. The first track warms things up as an instrumental, then the dub tracks commence. Full of distorted vocal samples and gun shots. The intensity builds and when “The Chant” hits, it then all kicks off big time. Enjoy!

40 minute dubstep mix for your hearing pleasure.


Short, 40 minute Brazilian DnB mix.


The sequel to my epic, heavenly, dreamy chilled vocal trance mix. This is dedicated to a special someone. You know who you are. Enjoy.

As a South Florida native, it was natural that Florida breaks was etched in my memory forever. Here's a tribute mix to that lovely old-school Florida sound.

Some of the best vocal trance from last year. Enjoy.

A unique 80 minute mix of energetic trance.

Not fully psychedelic trance nor progressive trance, it's a little bit of both.

Mixed, mastered and rendered to 192kbps.

Hold tight for this euphoric journey!


A demo I made in December.



Bangin' new mix.


This time around I thought I'd do something different instead of trance.