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My boy DJ Spindok, Zero Kalvin and anyone who professes a passion for sound.
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TheJackSpookie dusted off some great old skool DnB tracks for your listening pleasure. ;) Put lots of time into sifting through these gems, please COMMENT & show your support by adding me on the following websites:

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CAUTION: Expect room temperature to rise to dangerous levels.

Warning: Virgin ears may be jeopardized by filthy frequencies.

Check out this thirty-minute slaughterhouse of DnB tracks.

This massive mix packs a punch that your body won't be able to handle. GET UP!!! [ Featuring Dutch & French house, Dubstep and Deathstep ]

If you seek high energy tracks of several dance genres, featuring but not limited to the hottest tracks of 2011, look no further...

This wild all-out mix of several genres will make you trip the fuck out!!! Made by TheJackSpookie & Penny Dreadful.

Dark & Creepy sounds for the musical soul...;)

"1,000 years from now there will be no guys and no girls, just wankers."

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned here would not be able to dream of heaven?"

Let this hour-long trip'd out dubstep mix take you on a journey that will have you getting into trouble...

Turn your attention this intense mix of DnB, new and old.

Light up or chill out to this strictly dubstep mix featuring songs by Bassnectar, Caspa, Flux Pavillion and others.

This mix of maniacal dubstep, mellow tracks and heavy beats will have you feeling like a psychopath by the end.

A special mix for a dear friend of mine, Penny Dreadful. A combination of dubstep, hardstyle, house, and electronica.