The Joyriders — The Joyriders


Yes yes, i smoke bare sess and my bedrooms a mess..... Only the hardcore stay up past 6pm, got a funny feeling that all the weed i smoke has stained my ceiling.... I love Ketamine!!!
Dance: Old Skool Hardcore, Hard Dance, Breakbeat and garage/2 step/dubstep/future garage type stuff.
Ketamine, Everyone, Everything, LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Cocooma, DJ Demo, Bob Marley, i could go on but...
norwich, home of ketamine

Deep and ambient 2step, garage or dubstep

Size: 46:11 Mb.

Light Old Skool Jungle Tekno/Jungle

Mellow mix of phaeleh future garage tunes.

Mixture of Progressive Psy and Progressive Trance

Old Skool Jungle Tekno mega mix of my favourite tunage from 92+

oldskool hardcore mix

hard prog psy trance with some others thrown in.

Old skool happy jungle tekno breakbeat hardcore. Some classics some sligfhtly more underground. Spread and share the music and increase the peace. safety ravers!

Old skool hardcore, jungle tekno, happy hardcore (not a lot at all :) ) jungle, jungle hardcore, chilled rhythms, pianos, amen breaks a plenty, pitched vocals, hip hop samples.... 92 onwards. hands in the air, ravey baby, jungle bass, sun rising in the morning, you know you love it ;)

Old skool happy hardcore, breakbeat hardcore, jungle hardcore and jungle tekno. 92-95ish i think. Hands in the air, buzzin on e\'s, amen breaks galore, pianos, pitched up vocals and hoovers all the way. Love it!