Anissa Silva — Solarbaby


or over 12 years Texas  finest DJ, DJ Solarbaby has been melting the hearts of the EDM faithful with her special sounds in-house electro break beats drumstep and dub step. Having played all over the great state of Texas it was time for DJ Solarbaby to expand and Solarbaby moved to Colorado in 2009 with the idea of continuing the wickedness  continuing that mission of bringing the dope beats to the masses!Make sure to log onto WWW. for the latest production mixes videos and upcoming tour dates.Follow DJ Solarbaby on twitter @DJSolarbabyFor booking information call 3035898114 or email peace and dope beatscheck me out on Facebook at 
electro house,fidget, DnB, breaks,dubstep, DRUMSTEP
Baby Ann, DJ Rap, Sista Stroke, Goldie,DieselBoy,Reid Speed

DJ Solarbaby as a guest DJ for Party 95's Big Up Basslines show featuring DJ D.M.X
This mix has breaks, electrohouse and beats to make you move!

The proper title for a female pimp, as opposed to pimpette. Where a pimpette is a house cat, a pimpstress is a tiger. She's a badassified beyotch who knows what she wants and how to get it

Solarbaby is back...with a vengeance....step off H8Rs!!

electrohouse,fidget that'll make u wanna ...