Wut Da Funk Radio Show MIXOLOGYRADIO.COM 11/20/09
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Uploaded: June 2nd 2012 Played: 321 times

Fidget mix from the first WUT DA FUNK? Radio Show 11/20/09

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Over 700 people tuned in worldwide!

Hosted by myself, we will also be featuring the best DJ's from Texas and beyond.

Also make sure to tune in to find out whats hot in & around the Austin scene, upcoming CrunktroniK events and new track releases.

Bangin house music,fidget, electro, dubstep and a whole lot more...something new every week!




YO! Blazerflame sent me this link. This is sweet man keep it up!! — Kurt Insane, Cali
blaaaaaaadowwwwww!!!! COMIN' WIT IT!!! — Eight Bee Eye Tee, ATX
Fantastic Set!! - Great Energy and Flow. You worked that out. — Ritchie Wallace, Austin, TX
This was a great show. Can't wait for the next one. — BOSS, SATX
thats my boy throwing down! NICE WORK. KEEP IT BANGIN!!! — skyyman, atx (rave n hood)