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Uploaded: August 11th 2014 Played: 101 times

Old skool happy hardcore, breakbeat hardcore, jungle hardcore and jungle tekno. 92-95ish i think. Hands in the air, buzzin on e\'s, amen breaks galore, pianos, pitched up vocals and hoovers all the way. Love it!

1. ??????
2. Dj Demo- Essence EP power of love (Corrosive Recordings)
3. New decade-No worries (Out of Romford Records)
4. Nookie- Shinning in da darkness (Reinforced)
5. London Steppers- Thru the vibe (Candidate records)
6. Megadrive- Mega 1 (F Project)
7. DJ Swift and zinc- A musical box (Brain Progression)
8. Optical haze- wonderful experience (Out of Romford Records)
9. Force and Evolution- 12 Midnight (Kniteforce)
10. Chemical Vacation- Real style (Vicious Pumpin\' Plastics)
11. DJ Ham- Slow motion (Kniteforce)
12. 2 Dark Troopers- I wanna be your Lover (Basement Records)
13. DJ Ham-.... and higher (Kniteforce)
14. DJ Red Alert and Mike slammer- Lets do it (Slammin\' Vinyl)
15. DJ Ham- So Damn Tuff (kniteforce)
16. LTJ Bukem- Atlantis [I need you i want you] (Good Lookin\' Records)
17. The Criminal Minds- Joyrider [Badman VS Babylon] (whyte House Records)
18. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer- In Effect (slammin Vinyl)
19. DJ SS- Breakbeat Pressure (Formation Records)
20. Mystic and Fire- True Luv \'Remix\' (Hectic Records)


you got some awesome tunes in this mix, wat wer you using btw? takes me back years :> — Sally, Luton
Yer init, its a speaker shaker, will get any stack pumpin, tht bass line is INTENSE :) — The Joyriders, norwich, norfolk
1st tune is Wait for the Bass by DJ Scoobie. Top tune :D — Leeman, London
Love it so much :) x — Mary Jane, Leicester