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Uploaded: January 22nd 2010 Played: 84 times

ok...so heres a special request industrial mix i was asked to do. its a 'lil heavy on the chugga chugga guitars and a bit less electronic. so...if you feel the need to hurt someone...or yourself...fire this bitch up and jump in. i am very much against beat matching industrial...so i dont want to hear about it. there are other ways to make it sound good and have a flow.

oh yeah...my industrial name is hivemind

laibach - god is god
kmfdm - a drug against war
babyland - mask
bile- get out
klute - ill never be your slave
clay people - palegod
carved insane - vermin
coptic rain - mind cage
fear factory - self immolation (fla vein tap rmx)
16 volt - wisdom
blok 57 - fuck you
psychopomps - superpsycho
oomph! - asshole
swamp terrorists - braintrash
skinny puppy - tin omen
nitzer ebb - murderous
einsturzende neubauten - headcleaner