My Exclusive Mix For Brick City House Played On 10/07/09
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Uploaded: October 9th 2009 Played: 85 times

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Hello Friends and Fam ... and how did today treat you? I hope this finds you well, and being good to yourself by treating yourself to a good boogie.

I've been sitting here trying to think of how to put today's show into words, and I just can't think of a description that would come anywhere near of how dope today really was! I split my show with my very good friend who goes by the name, DJ Big Rich. Now, to know this guy is one thing, but to actually hear what he can do on the decks is something else. He plays House Music, and he plays it that F*ckin' great. Period. We both come from the same school of DJ'ing, and both came up under the same umbrella of influences in our city. But yesterday was the very first time we ever got to hit the decks together for 4 full hours. Friends and Fam, I KNOW you're going to love this show, and I KNOW that you're going to love what Big Rich gives your ears. There's new joints, House Classics, and then some more sprinkled on there just for the love of it ...

But it doesn't stop there. Ohhhhh no, we were having so much fun that we didn't want to stop! So being the respectful, nice, and caring DJ's that we are, we decided to hijack MrHun's show (which airs following BCH) and kept on playing for another 2 1/2hrs.
For those of you that are fans of the "Jackumentory Experience" show, you'll be happy to know that MrHun is safe and sound, and was returned to his studio immediately following his show, hehe ""smiley""
If you care to hear part II of "our" show, you can do so by visiting MrHun's Jackumentory Experience podcast where he has graciously decided to post it.

Look out next week for our special Guest, Paul Johnson.
From 1992's
release of "In the Kitchen" on Nite Life Records to the Present, this man has kept it consistant .. and next
week you're gonna get a nice scoop on the man whose records I know I
bought anytime I saw them on the New Releases racks.

Big Thanks to Big Rich for absolutely killing it on today's show! Man, you really impressed me, and my listener's, and I for one think you should pat yourself on the back. You played a killer set!!!! Bigger Thanks goes out to MrHun for being such a good sport on the kidnapping, and not pressing charges against us. Rich and I are now looking forward to dish-duty for the next 4 months (we said we were sorry, dang), with another 2 months of cataloging all of his records. Heh, no worries .. we had so much fun that we wouldn't even think twice of doing it all over again, haha! But the biggest of Thanks goes out to you - the Listener and the Dancer - for tuning in and supporting Brick City House and We just can't do without your Love, Friends and Fam.

next week, everyone, do what you do best - Be You. ""smiley""
Freak Freely,