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Uploaded: September 12th 2009 Played: 132 times

My first public mix with some of my favorite tracks.

Drunk With A Gun- Nosferatu vs. Endymion
Straight From The Underground- Dj Kurt vs. Chaos and Evil- Angerfist
Riotstarter- Angerfist
Wish em' Dead- The Hitman vs. JDA
Army Of Hardcore- Rotterdam Terror Corps
Drug Music- Non Fiction vs. Tu Tu Tu (Gabber mix)- Rotterdam Terror Corps
Bring The Hurricane Pain- Hellfish vs. Be Unforgettable- Catscan
Turntable Savage- Hellfish
Sex Machine (Original mix)- Noisefucker vs. The Destoryer
El Gringo Loco- The Speed Freak
Auggie's Bass- The Speed Freak
The Middle Children- Ophidian
We Killed Jah (Drokz remix)- Moshpit
Tone Deaf- Delta 9
Oxygen- The Destroyer
Unpredictable- Nosferatu



Track listing!!!! — Jesus F. Christ, San Marcos, TX