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Uploaded: November 15th 2014 Played: 295 times

some sick beats! lol


i love this!!! — AC
Good Stuff! as always... Stay cool this season Matt LOL — Jon, USA
Ya it's cool and fabulous to be listenin' to yor shixt at this present moment,ya you have some good stuff in there, now there's some voices and they're trippin me out so I'ma leave now,I've been listenin long enough by now, peace — Lego*, SUds
oh my god your in the future — Missy J, Ottawa
Not my cup of tea but your mah fwiend so I listened.. Good beats you got talent kid, but you knew that — Ash, azilda
nice, too bad im not having a rave in my room right now, it would be kickin. — Justin R, Sudz
sic beats. Keep up the spinning — Krazzy stylez, Guelph
Nice dude.....could use a bit more cowbell. — Craig Cloutier, San Francisco.
fuck yes! — Dave Rodgers, Cambridge
O...mY...God! im an older women and i will tell u im very fussy on my tunes but this is rOcks! My daughter put it on and i i could really dance to this..then she told me who made it and i must say........A ONE ..KEEP THEM COMING HUN! this gOOOooOOoooood! (dances) — Sonia Labre, Sudbury
Hey Bud.. nice job.. I'm guessing this is all you.. I've set it off to my partner for final approval.. but as far as i can tell it's all good on this end :) Keep up the great work :) — Sean - Toxic Crew, Sudz
hiy, they need to let you rip the bar up. i wish people realised how good this music is it aint just music when u can feel like your in another world and, not even be on drugs HA lol BOOYASHAKAAAAA :D — Amber, Azilda
What this is awsome matty wow grate job cant wait to dance my ass off all night to some of ur beats !! Keep on it dude u got some talent!! ; ) — sammy m , sudbury
^.^ lovin it, kid you got chops, yea you read that, YOU GOT SOME MUTHA FUCKIN CHOPS!!! — Tara, Garson
bahahahah love it!!!!!!! gawd so when are u gonna be a famous mix master dj!!woot woot house parties just arnt the same with out u!! ahah — Shauna, Garson
Yo! this is a s|c track i love it hunny! keep em comin'!!!! :P — Amber, Azilda
DodoDODodoODoDo — Matthew Shaw, Sudbury
Awesome beats! — Becky, Sudbury
Man This is awsome but hey its limix he always does an amazing job at what he does — Jen, Sudbury