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Uploaded: August 21st 2013 Played: 1598 times

100% Originally Produced Mix!
---Tribal-Tech House/Experimental

Created to gradually stimulate the mind from a deeply relaxed trance or state of unawareness into a higher consciousness using custom built Delta, Theta, Alpha Beta, Gamma binaural frequencies (Stereo Headphones only).

-Featuring samples from-
System of a Down
The Heaven's Gate Cult initiation tape

With original melodies and sounds, and guitar talents of Integral Machine.

----Special thanks to Afterlife Dallas for Inspiration and Support----

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Cool Mans - I listened to it on my good monitors! — Integral_MACHINE, bedford, tx
I downloaded your mix. Thanks for the music :) — DeShea, Utah
yo dude...u freind requested me and i never really listen to peoples music cause i get so many request a day but i listened to yours and ive been jammin out.. the beggining really is goa. tribal and it just jamms out...i can tell its original....hope to hear more from u....look me up on facebook...ryan mcdaniel im gonna post your mix on there and show the world...i like it a lot — dj punjab, tampa florida
This music is uh-mazn. I need to put my rainbow socks on and dance XD — Missy, Temple texas
Once upon a time there was a penis. Thank you. — Genobie, Azures heart
Diggin tha original sounds and the unique use of samples! Tchaikovsky was my favorite part, that shit would be epic @ a rave! — BeatfreaK, ATX
you kick ass!!! and yeah its me — Fluff, Fort worth, tx
:) Love it baby.** o.o? how'd that happen? lol — Megan..., Denton
:) Love it baby. — Jordan Bailey, bedford, tx
Great job brother! You're really starting to define yourself as an artist! Keep up the great work! I'll be passing this info on to who I can. Ciao! — DUBtilDAWN, Plano
Yo 25 min in this gets sick as h3ll!!!!! Good work — Cytek , Houston
YOUR AWESOME — Random(Crumbles), plano
hells yeah boyy — adrian with a big fat D, bedford, tx