Give Me A Motherf**kin\' Breakbeat
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Uploaded: May 11th 2014 Played: 101 times

Old skool hardcore, jungle tekno, happy hardcore (not a lot at all :) ) jungle, jungle hardcore, chilled rhythms, pianos, amen breaks a plenty, pitched vocals, hip hop samples.... 92 onwards. hands in the air, ravey baby, jungle bass, sun rising in the morning, you know you love it ;)

The Criminal MInds-- Sun thru the trees
Mystic and Fire-- Volume 2 side A
SMD-- #2 side A
Dj Ham-- Thinking about you
Sy and Unknown-- Moments in time
The Criminal Minds-- Pretty lickal girl
The Criminal Minds-- Toxic culture
Addiction- Mind penetrations EP Side B1
Future Sound Of London-- Papau New Guinea
Dance Ritual-- Off the ground
RSR- Tribal Chant
Force Mass Motion-- Be there
Future Primitive-- Lift me up (Slammin Vinyl remix)
Dj Red Alert & Mike Slammer-- Ruff (Nookie remix)
Addiction-- Mind Pentrations remix ep (Do you want me baby? remix)
Tek 9-- Slow down (Nookie remix)
2 Croozin-- 2 Pumpin
RSR- Gotta believe
white label \'94-- can\'t stop thinking about...
David Arnold-- The James Bond theme (LTJ Bukem Remix)
The Criminal Minds-- Presence
Liquid-- Liquid is liquid


Cheers mate, glad u like :) — The Joyriders, norwich, norfolk
This mix is fuckin sick bruv :p — lil Mikey