[DJ Mix] Jan 2009
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Uploaded: April 26th 2009 Played: 87 times

This one has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple months, my apologies for not getting this out quicker! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…  It’s quite effin’ baddass to be honest, so here you go.

Lemme tell you how this came about, it’s kinda magical, if you will… Some nights before I recorded this, I downloaded a bunch of tracks using eMule (yes, I rediscovered this useful tool recently); I hadn’t really listened to them yet, just weeded out the obvious lame tracks with a quick run through.  I decided I would just mess around in Deckadance and see what could come about.  I thought, what the hell, I’ll record whatever I do, so loaded up Audition and hit record…

I started off with a couple tracks to warm up (which didn’t make the final cut) then finally found my groove.  Now, when you listen to this, remember I hadn’t heard any of these tracks before, much less mixed them… lolz, and shit, they fit together like puzzle pieces… I got lucky, or shall I say, the spirit of Music decided to bless me with what I like to call one of those magic mixes… (you DJs know exactly what I’m talkin’ about)

I was fumbling around with cut cutoff/resonance filters too, you can tell during some of the mixes.  I think I lucked out with all the mistakes I made.  I cleaned up the final cut and added on a few mixes, so this turned out to be a mostly live / studio mix.  I will call these hybrid mixes from now on.

I hope you enjoy!  (I still can’t get enough of this mix.. so much energy!)

01) Nagano Kitchen & Jerome Sydenham - GSXR 810 (Adam Beyer Remix Part 1)
02) House of Glass - Disco Down 2008 (Luca Cassani Vocal Remix)
03) Dariush & DJ Da - Good Vibration feat. Tina (D-Formation Remix)
04) Luca Bacchetti - Caribbean
05) Nic Fanciulli - Lucky Heather (Dubfire’s Lucky 13 Remix)
06) Axwell - I Found You (Dubfire Remix)
07) Cevin Fisher & Paul Harris - Deliver Me (Sultan & Ned Shepard Fedex Remix)
08) Minilogue - Jamaica (Dubfire Remix)
09) Jay Haze - Mama Coca (SIS Remix)
10) Glimpse - Elephant Skins (Jay Haze Remix)
11) Audiofly X - 1999
12) Matt Star - Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix)
13) Jan Driver - Kardamoon (Victor Magan Remix)