Classic Vol 1:Old School Speed Garage Mix
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Uploaded: June 15th 2014 Played: 485 times

The crack, snapple, pops you hear in this mix are the sound of vinyl over a decade old.  These are some of my favorite Speed Garage tracks I used to play out in 96-98.  *A few of the higher quality less damaged tracks I still throw down today, and they still make the kids go nuts.

01. Mr. Spring - Voyager 1.56
02. Loop Da Loop - The Line (Downtown Dub)
03. Dive - Boogie (Loop Da Loop Remix)*
04. Mark The Ruff Ryder - Ya Bad Bass*
05. The End Of The World - No Badness
06. Les Indescretes - The Way
07. Arman Van Helden - Entre Mi Casa
08. Rude Boy - Run De Dance
09.Armand Van Helden - Mother Earth


Absolutely believin.... THERE'S NO SKOOL LIKE THA OLD SKOOL!!!!! Us bassline veterans still got the stamina...first on that dance floor and the gawd-daaamn lasst to be dragged off!!! This is a beaut of a mix..takes me back to my UNIT 11 ravin days in Wolves...where my real love of music started..ty hun for this biiiiig mixtape =D d(O_o)b BASSLINE - FUCK ALL COMES NEAR TO IT!!! — Deejay Laydee Dee, Wolvez ay we.
dude, im digging the graphic! haha very original... — code, satx
Mother Earth is one of my favorites of all time! — OneLove, ATX
ahhhh tha memories!! havent heard Entra Mi Casa or Mother Earth played in a fo-eva! nice! — BeatfreaK, atx