Big Rich - Keepin It Real 1999
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Uploaded: April 17th 2012 Played: 101 times

Whoa,A Old Buddy Of Mine Came Up To Me Recently,And Handed Me A Tape Of The First Mix I Ever Had Put Out!!,This Was A Mix I Made In 1999,And Around The Time I Stared To Spin All Over Texas,A Little Ruff Around The Edges,But still A Great Mix With Some Great Music,So download this and let the great memories come flooding back,much respect to all the freinds that ive made and still have since this mix was made..Mad Love to Corpus,Austin,And San Antonio!!

Tracklisting Coming Soon!


Thanks for memories! — Joel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Last comment was from me...Dont know why it posted from you....hmm... Anyhow, thanks again!! I remember dancing to this tape a LONG time ago!!! — ~mk~, About to be....San Antonio, tx
BIG RICH!!!! Lovin the flashback!!! — Ricardo Sandoval, San Antonio, tx