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Uploaded: October 17th 2014 Played: 155 times

A varied mix of hard trance/style fresh from the free party scene!



Sick and rude — Timmal, Horsham, United Kingdom
the breakdown ganges tempo and i jus rolled with it hoping it wasnt gonna happen but by then it was too late :( sorta ruins the mix that — nessy dj, BRIGHTON, United Kingdom
whats up wid all the dodgey mixin famalam!! terrible fkin terrible who ever heard of dj alexander anyway?? nah im kiddin u really got let me know when to stop tho lol honestly tho this mix is tight no slides as far as i can hear and tune after tune well worth listening too if u aint defo not a waste of an hour of my life well ebjoyed hope u do too safty boots Peice!!:) — buzz lewis b, southampton
38 mins in lovin the mixin those choons always sounded sweet as! no BEEF with this mix bruv see ya next party safty harness! — buzz lewis b, all ova
lol it was specified for dave and tommy. got a few of there faves thrown in :D love u xxx — Liam, your mum anuus
wah u mean boys? im completely offended lol but wikid set babe love you xxxxxxxxx — T