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Uploaded: August 1st 2014 Played: 67 times

An acquaintance inspired mix. :)

1.I wanna dancer I don't know- Guti & Fosky

2.All over the world- Chrizz Luvly

3.Alquitran(Matias Rivero Remix)-Ladies On Mars

4.Pasta Lemon- Popof

5.One lobster, please-Michele Tabucchi& David Squillace

6.Old dusty pictures- David Squillace

7.Chico Alone(Reinvention Mix)- Ladies On Mars

8. You Know I'm No Good(Ladies on Mars remix)-Amy Winehouse

9.Ghost Machine- Bass Kleph

10.Lovers(DoubleWave remix)- Ladies On Mars

11.Rocco & Maredo- Luigi Madonna

12. Work Station(Ladies on Mars remix)-Musasero