93 onwards mix
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Uploaded: September 23rd 2013 Played: 109 times

oldskool hardcore mix


Orca- 4am (remix 1)

Criminal minds vs D.O.T- Drums of doom

Cloud 9- you got me burnin' (AAS mix)

SMD- #3 aa

China white- one people

Double X-posure- Go with the flow

The wise man- Drop Acid

Wardance- Jammin'

Tango and ratty- time bomb (remix)

Jimmy J and Cru-L-T- Ool lorntoc

Dj Red Alert and Mike Slammer- Fucking Hardcore

Criminal Minds vs D.O.T- Speckles

Koda- The deep

Brainstrom Crew- Reach Up


sexual ;) — kali mystic, norwich, norfolk