John Clark — OneLove


Bassline, Tribal, UK Funky, Figit House, Ghetto Tech, Minimal, Techno, Ambient, Trip Hop
The Wideboys, Cut Throat Killers, Krissi B...

Deep dark future bass & post dubstep blended with
a hint of diva-esque garage.

Size: 60:34 Mb.

Tech and Deep House.

ElectroLine & UK Jackin House with plenty of ruff n tuff bassline to go around. Enjoy!

Not the exact set I tagged with Maceroney for Disobey II, but it features some of the tunes I dropped that night including the \"5 On It\", \"Doin Time\", \"It Takes Two\", and \"Papas Got A Brand New Bag\" Remixes. Enjoy!

The third installment of the Deep House Summer 2011 mix series. This one is a bit more on the jazzy tip, although still deep, its just a little more groovy than the previous two volumes.

The second installment of the Euphoria series features an hour and 20 minutes the latest Deep & Soulful House Music. It's music for meditative dance or simple relaxation.

Jackin, Bassline, Electroline, and Speed Garage mix.

Jackin, ELectroline, Speed Garage, and Bassline mix!

Bassline, Speed Garage, Electroline, & Jackin House mix!

A journey through House, Techno, and Minimal beats, from peak hour to afterhours. More than 2 hours of delicious beats!

Bassline House + Jackin House = UK Jackin Bassline House + Electro = Electroline... A step further in the evolution of UK Garage.

A bit on the darker more tribal side of  intelligent Drum N Bass.

80 Minutes of Intelligent Drum N Bass mixed by OneLove.

60 Minutes of Dubstep mixed by OneLove.

Bass Heavy UK Funky Mix.

Some may call it an oxymoron, but this track is sort of heavy downtempo.  Basically downtempo with bone shattering basslines, but deep as well.

You may recognize this tune as being sampled by The Fugee in "Ready Or Not".

Minimal with a UK Funky feel.  I can't master it right now because its to late and I live in an apartment with mormon neighbors that will get pissed if I make noise this late.  All this is done in the headphones and a mastered mix will be released soon.  I finally had a chance to work on music and I just keep pumpin them out today.

Remix of Fine Day.

A remix I'm working on for the next beach campout.  A work in progress so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Some of my favorite track while growing up in Austins club scene right there along with all the House tracks from Vol 2, this makes me nostalgic for Proteus, Club 404, Ohms (Swank Thursdays), Hollywood Afterhours and all the Underground Parties back then. God I miss those days!!!

Trance Classics 1996-2002

Classic House from 1994-1996.  The sounds I used to groove to when I first hit the club scene.  A favorite for anyone 30+ and possibly a history lesson for the newbies.  Reguardless of age, its fun music.

The crack, snapple, pops you hear in this mix are the sound of vinyl over a decade old.  These are some of my favorite Speed Garage tracks I used to play out in 96-98.  *A few of the higher quality less damaged tracks I still throw down today, and they still make the kids go nuts.

A journey into Deep, Dark, Progressive, Tribal House and Techno.

60 Minutes of Soulful, Gospel, and Uplifting House Music!!!

To download right click and save as on download link.

Contains several of the tracks I'm throwin down at the Tribal Vibes club events.  Tribal House, Tribal Techno, and UK Funky!!!

Demo for Kiss & Fly Nightclub

OneLove original downtempo/triphop track sampling a snip-it of Deus by Electric Skychurch.

Tune I wrote for Chakra Ambient Camping 30...The Reverend has my speakers so this one was produced through the head phones which are somewhat muffled ao hopefully the highs aren't to bad.  Onece I get my monitors back I'll re-master and put up a better version if it needs it.

Samantha Ryan, better known as Sinestetici, is a singer/songwriter with a hauntingly emotive voice and a poignant, stirring lyrical sensibility. She has worked with some of the electronic underground's finest producers, including Highpoint Lowlife luminaries Daigoro (aka Erstlaub), DoF, and The Village Orchestra. Her voice has also graced the stage at venues around the US, with appearances at nights with DJs and live performers Om Creator, Flippy, RB, and Onelove

Dark Broody Bassline House.  This one I produced under my alter ego Leviathan 303 because it is to dark to be a OneLove track.

Deep Tribal Funky Tune.

Tribal House or US Funky?  You decide.  Definitely inspired by the UK Funky sound.  Full track for download, DJ's feel free to play this one out when you wanna get deep and tribal, mixes well with minimal or deep house.

The next installment of Funky Riddims.  This mix goes a little deeper than the last one and includes a few of my own mashups.  Special thanks to Dubbel Dutch for sending me a few of his funky bits. 

Another step in the evolution of the UK underground. UK Funky is an eclectic blend of many different styles and influences. Most importantly the sound is based around African and tribal rhythms and accompanied by one or more of the following influences: UK Garage, Reggaeton, House, Electro, Dubstep, Grime, Deep House, and Minimal. Funky Riddims is the first of a series featuring the UK Funky sound.  FRV2 should be out within the next two weeks so stay tuned.

OneLove Live from Ambient Camping 29:Bloody Valentine February Friday The 13th 2009.

Leviathan303 is a moniker I use for my more dark productions and mixes.  I used it alot more in 05-06 when the beats I was droppin and makin were much more on the darkside  This mix I made sometime in 2006 before Dubstep really had a chance to blow up in USA, so the tracks are probably older to the lightly seasoned Dubstep Fan or newcomers.  I have a few mixes I did in 05 and 06 with roots dubstep track dating back to 01 and 02...its interesteing to see how Dubstep actually evo

A Blend Of Tribal House and UK Funky

Entrancing Synth-hop and Downtempo Funk blended with perfection.  This mix leaves the listener no option other than to chill the funk out.  Comments appreciated. ;)

A journey into a deeper mystical realm of Dubstep rhythms, this mix is definitly on the more chill side of the constantly evolving sound.  Sit back, puff on a fatty and let your mind wander through the soundscapes of OneLoves Desert Dubz.

Didn't realize I hadn't uploaded this one yet.

This is my set from Happy Chronica 2:Nice Dreams.

4x4 Bassline

Bassline House

Speed Garage

I'll be passing out this one out on cd downtown soon.

Booking: 512 317 4367

Booking: (512) 317 4367

Mixed on: January 16th 2007
Style: Acid House and Tech House

Booking info: (512) 317 4367


The sixth installment of the SMBS Mixes.  This mix is dedicated to my partner Brian because he loves Hardstyle.  This is my first go at mixing this style but it seems pretty simple.

Booking Info: (512)317 4367

Roots Dubstep



An old downtempo mix of mine I found while diggin through old CDs.

UK Garage

4x4 Bassline, UK Garage and Breakstep

4x4 Bassline,Figit,Ghetto,and Organ House blended to make you boogie.