Miles Long — MilesLong


For well over 10 years Miles Long has been an MC in the hip hop game. But in 2007 he made the switch to dj'ing. And has already rocked crowds with the likes of DJ Micro, DJ Shortee, Jen Lasher, Kieth Mackenzie, Curtis B and many more worldwide headliners. He has served as a force to be reckoned with spinning at parties all across the midwest and with the help of Butters, created MGMT. MGMT serves as a full service party promoter to even other party promoters, with low cost print work, (flyers, passes, e-flyers), street team, and club booking in the tri-state area. If you wanna get down, MGMT's got it on lock.
Futurestep, Trancestep, Liquid Funk, Drum & Bass
London Elektricity, Subfocus, High Contrast, Logistics, Danny Byrd

Miles first jumped into liquid funk, futurestep & trancestep in the spring of 2009, this is the first in a series of mixes he did, this one has more of an upbeat feel to it, with songs such as Just One Second (Apex Remix) and Space Between.