dave zee — LeDouche


i like to play at my own parties when no one is there.
Ralph Lauren
Part timer
only under them
no... spacebook
On the tario

shake shake shake dat ass 

more bleep bloop vrrrut, ting bleep bloop... electro

dark and electro... my cup of tea

Nat needed a new mix... so some funky/electro house with a tiny touch of trance... ya I know, trance ain't my cup of tea either. Oh man what I do for chixxxxx. I like Nat's LeDouche moustache too. Gotta give what the fans want...

A new mix for Rachelles 30th, a ton of remixed and electro'ed commercial traxx, some underground too.

All feist traxx, some house reworks, some jazz and some ballads. A whole lotta feist in an hour. Nicely messed though.

Emily Scarrrrrrrrrrrrr. She wanted it messy and dark... she got it, Lots of rock remixes and a little Public Enemy mixup at the start. Take it in Em.

The rachy classic was the first for the ladies, a bumpy house mix that got the ladies movin in Montreal.

Random Mix... a little experiment. I strated off with some minimal beats and then I itched into some house. Lost it a bit going from black box - klass - creeps. oh well.

I hate his music... I really do, but the GF likes it, she wanted a mix and I tried to do a good job. God damn anthems! Blah.

more dirty house for Nat.

Finally something for me... me like. A bit techy and with breaks... all good though, all good

A very quick mix, not the best I've ever done. ELECTRO/BREAKS/PROG the usual clash of titans.

Yo Steph, you just got douched! Congrats... nothing better then getting douched with a mix. It's a little twisted, some of my own re-worked alt singles and some boppy house towards the end. baby baby please!

Yo! Cat! It's LeDouche here... remember me... ya you do. You were up on the speaker beside the booth during my set at my residence. I know what you like and I made this just a tad dirty and chunky for you... just like me! There's some Guetta in the back end, just how you like it right?

Something upbeat, head noddin' and booty wigglin' just pour la belle Marie-Noelle

A mix pour Jo. A little late I know but had some serious trak selectiones to make. I heard she use to like her beats a little fucked up, so I threw in sme electro/break trax and a classic remix of tenaglia. oh ya and a new remix of the killers, just incase you don't like the others. Cheers!