Holliana Hunter — Holliana


Acid Techno & Dubstep
Phaeleh, Burial, Mark EG, Chris Lib, Ant, Dave The Drummer
Higher state of consciousness

Music from heaven

Size: 38:44 Mb.

music from heaven

Exactly that

Drum n Bass mix, I am not a dnb dj, I dont even really like the stuff but quite fun to mix so thought id hav a go. Its mainly jump up (of the good type) but theres some filth chucked in too from commix an dom & roland. Sorry bout system mix it kind of went a bit wrong haha

Stupid remix of the stupid youtube cut by Swede Mason.

I had to put it in techno - speedcore category but its NOT its actually sick Hardtekno.
Enjoy :P (try an ignore mistakes at end. I still have no turntables!)