H.A.S. F.U. — Has Fu


Multigenre: Techno, House, Breakbeat, Hardstyle, Raver Athems, LULZ, and more
Culture, Current Events, People, Music, The Internet, Etc.

This mix if for the people that just like to have fun without all the drama. For those that just want to be taken away to a new level through music. So grab your dancing shoes, tighten your laces, play this mix, blast it to the mass, get your shuffle going and dance.

The Fu has returned with another high energy mix that will make you burn a hole in your dancing shoes.


In this third installment from the mystery known as H.A.S. Fu you will hear a blend of Hardstyle, Scouse, and Donk for an all out explosion of hard dance that will get you singing along and dancing no matter where you are at.



It's that time again party people
for my second mix to hit the airwaves for all to listen to it

Don't forget to vote on it please

and most of all enjoy it

I am here! lol This mix of mine is for you the dancers, the party goers, the ravers, and everyone that just likes to have fun. Enjoy the mix because there will be more to come for sure.