Techno — Techno

This mix was put together for the winter season. Inspired by crazy synths, smashup beats and pounding bass! There's a minimum of 2 tracks going at any given time, easing off momentarily with a few breakdowns. I tried to go various places and show off the different flavors and artists of the techno community.

Naughty Naughty Naughty 303s!!!

a blend of the finest london techno and some 303 rockers thrown in for good measure!


Communication (Yomanda Remix)-Mario Piu Keyboard Cat ( Original Mix ) -Bass Kleph Bad Boy- Shiba San Fifth Ave. - Mendo Skeleton Key- PleasureKraft THANKGIVING SOUNDS......going home for the 1st time in a long time. 2014 attempt to make a small somethin' to take back and give to friends, but I messed up at the end there having too much fun. LOL Whatever...i still enjoy it. Oldies, but goodies. Anytime- Don Diablo Shakedown- Joan Reyes Nudge- Junkie XL Dance w/somebody- Monica Dias

Size: 40:3 Mb.

The first studio mix in the series. Enjoy

Exactly that

Tribal Minimal & Techno Mix

This mix was from april 2009. I recently re-found it while sorting music and felt the need to reupload it. Check out the funk @ 30:00, the classics at 45:00!

90s megamix.

Size: 77:22 Mb.

A few tribal/carnaval beats followed by some evil acid techno. Thanks to Smitten Records:)

mostly mainstream electronic radio hits, Hope U enjoy!!

A mix of some classic beats:)

Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 59:55 Mb.

Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 44:62 Mb.