House — Speed Garage

4x4 Bassline, UK Garage and Breakstep

The crack, snapple, pops you hear in this mix are the sound of vinyl over a decade old.  These are some of my favorite Speed Garage tracks I used to play out in 96-98.  *A few of the higher quality less damaged tracks I still throw down today, and they still make the kids go nuts.

UK Garage

Crazy good speed garage mix. Mostly dub tracks. Classic old-school sound. The first track warms things up as an instrumental, then the dub tracks commence. Full of distorted vocal samples and gun shots. The intensity builds and when “The Chant” hits, it then all kicks off big time. Enjoy!

Jackin, ELectroline, Speed Garage, and Bassline mix!

Another speed garage mix. This one is more commercial than the last one. Enjoy.

Bassline, Speed Garage, Electroline, & Jackin House mix!