House — Minimal House

Minimal with a UK Funky feel.  I can't master it right now because its to late and I live in an apartment with mormon neighbors that will get pissed if I make noise this late.  All this is done in the headphones and a mastered mix will be released soon.  I finally had a chance to work on music and I just keep pumpin them out today.

A minimal house and tech house mix.

Mixed on a pair of CDJ1000s and and DJM 400 mixer (owned by DJ MTLC).


Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 73:2 Mb.

electro house, minimal house

Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 52:68 Mb.

Adaptation quote over Truth & Sunshine (Funk D'void Remix) on ableton. took five mins but sounds sick

Mixed by Dj Labrijn / mini mix

Size: 40:97 Mb.

a track i produced that will blow your mind away!!!

Size: 6:23 Mb.