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deep & funky house

A mix i made in the summer of 2003 This Mix was also made on 3 technic turntables

The next installment of Funky Riddims.  This mix goes a little deeper than the last one and includes a few of my own mashups.  Special thanks to Dubbel Dutch for sending me a few of his funky bits. 

This is a party mix i made back in the summer of 2001. More party tracks and such,This Mix was alot of fun to make.. Enjoy! =]

Whats Up Yall,Another Great Show In The Books,Had Some Great Friends In The Studio With Me That Show,Great Vibes,Good Tunes..House Music Forever




Demo for Kiss & Fly Nightclub

Bass Heavy UK Funky Mix.


Another step in the evolution of the UK underground. UK Funky is an eclectic blend of many different styles and influences. Most importantly the sound is based around African and tribal rhythms and accompanied by one or more of the following influences: UK Garage, Reggaeton, House, Electro, Dubstep, Grime, Deep House, and Minimal. Funky Riddims is the first of a series featuring the UK Funky sound.  FRV2 should be out within the next two weeks so stay tuned.

funky / deep house

Friday Funkadelic With Special Guest Dj THinC From Las Vegas!!

From Booty - Electro in 4.20 min

THinC DJ Mix recorded 8-7-09


Next in the BP Sessions series, ‘Free’. (As you might have noticed, I’m dropping the vol #’s from the titles)

Who says nothing is free in life?  I beg to differ! This mix was made with the free download promotions from BeatPort.  That’s right folks, FREE songs.  I’ve downloaded a good 25-30 or so quality tracks, at no cost.  All you need is an account–search for ‘promotions’ or ‘beatport promotions’.

Moaning Lisa

Thats Right,Another Friday funkadelic In Trhe Books!I Had Alot Of Fun With This One,Alot Of Funky New Grooves,As Well As The Classics..HOUSE MUSIC FOREVER!!

Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 49:97 Mb.

This Is A Set I Did At The Famous Club In Austin For The House Elite Djs Of The World,Club Lanai,Such Favorites Like,Derrick Carter,Dj Heather,Mark Farina,Dj Colette,And Inland Knights Have Played There..This Mix Is A Mixture A Funky,Jazzy Jacking House Music At Its Finest..I Had Great Time Rocking This Rooftoop Dancefloor In This Amazing Dj Booth,Lined With 4 Pioneer Cdjs And 2 Technic 1200s,Truley A House Djs Dream..Many Props To Club Lanai,And Austin Texas

mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 53:3 Mb.


DEF The 5 o Clock Traffic Jam


a 14 min teaser mix for Winter in Oz and A Nightmare this Christmas.

Something upbeat, head noddin' and booty wigglin' just pour la belle Marie-Noelle

Here is my latest mixed comp. Featuring music by Personal Heroes, Friends and a couple of reworks by me. Enjoy

Size: 73:28 Mb.


This one has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple months, my apologies for not getting this out quicker! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…  It’s quite effin’ baddass to be honest, so here you go.

Lemme tell you how this came about, it’s kinda magical, if you will… Some nights before I recorded this, I downloaded a bunch of tracks using eMule (yes, I rediscovered this useful tool recently); I hadn’t really listened to t

So funky you will have to check your own armpit.

A chopped down version of v.2. It moves very fast so hang on !

good old skool calssic's from around 1994/1995

Live Mix from March 31st, 1999
Vinyl on 1200s through DJM 500
Recorded as WAV using portable recorder


Size: 6:03 Mb.

A mix that feels a lot like 2001.

Check it out and groove with me!

funky house

Size: 37:02 Mb.

A chopped down version of v.1. It moves very quick so hang on !

jackin meets fidget

Here is a special episode of BRICK CITY HOUSE,As i covered for my Hermana SISTA STROKE on August 8th 2012,I Had tons of fun doing the show,and played alot of my favorite tracks,and always a bunch of laughs going on,Download,Stream,and enjoy!

Studio Mix from 1998
Side B of 90 Minute Cassette
Vinyl on 1200s through Intimidation Blue
Recorded using Cubase VST

Monthly mix's

Size: 9:32 Mb.

Mix series

Size: 7:13 Mb.

this is a track that i have recently finished producing

Size: 3:05 Mb.

Summer 2012

Size: 78:44 Mb.

Really good funky mix I made a few years ago.


Just a little melting pot of house, trible,  and electro

Studio Mix from 1998
Side A of 90 Minute Cassette
Vinyl on 1200s through Intimidation Blue
Recorded using Cubase VST

funky house mix

anniversary mix

Size: 8:53 Mb.

easily downloadable

Size: 5:18 Mb.

a little mix mix i made to show my respect for this great dj nd producer !!!!!!!!!!!!! love this guys music !!!!!!!! its so soulful

Size: 33:14 Mb.


Size: 8:33 Mb.

funky groovy house beats

Size: 24:24 Mb.

Monthly mix

Size: 11:32 Mb.

Mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 41:57 Mb.