House — Bassline House

4x4 Bassline

Bassline House

Speed Garage

Booking Info: (512)317 4367

I'll be passing out this one out on cd downtown soon.

Booking info: (512) 317 4367


Didn't realize I hadn't uploaded this one yet.

This is my set from Happy Chronica 2:Nice Dreams.

Some of the biggest electro club tunes of the moment guaranteed to get your night started with a god almighty BANG

Not the exact set I tagged with Maceroney for Disobey II, but it features some of the tunes I dropped that night including the \"5 On It\", \"Doin Time\", \"It Takes Two\", and \"Papas Got A Brand New Bag\" Remixes. Enjoy!

Samantha Ryan, better known as Sinestetici, is a singer/songwriter with a hauntingly emotive voice and a poignant, stirring lyrical sensibility. She has worked with some of the electronic underground's finest producers, including Highpoint Lowlife luminaries Daigoro (aka Erstlaub), DoF, and The Village Orchestra. Her voice has also graced the stage at venues around the US, with appearances at nights with DJs and live performers Om Creator, Flippy, RB, and Onelove

Dark Broody Bassline House.  This one I produced under my alter ego Leviathan 303 because it is to dark to be a OneLove track.

June 2008 Dj Slyce live set


dj tazofa

Size: 22:46 Mb.