Drum N Bass — Hardstep


Just a teaser mix, not thought out or pre-planned... Just some tracks I'm toying with for the full release :) 

Heavy gut punching drum and bass, some of the newest offerings from breed 12"and others

This is some deep drum n bass in your face thats sure to get that adrenaline pumpin.  Make sure to play on high volume, 

So heavy DnB, 20 tracks at 320.

Some of my recent favs with some drumstep for an intro. 15 trx / 1 hr

promotional mix for Switchfade.  Hit me up. Djswitchfade@yahoo.com

Nice winter mix, check the play list. 17 trx, 1hr 11min @ 320. CD burner friendly

Short but Sweet :) from May '08

Done back in october... Chk it...