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15 Min Demo From May 09..........Needed to throw something quick for a promoter last min......its alright weak on the levels tho........

BeatSlayer In The Mix - Party 2011 MixSet 2011-06-27

Mixed by Beatslayer 2011-04-05 Email: Facebook: Tero Leinonen

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BeatSlayer In The Mix - Summer 2011 MixSet 2011-06-26

Mixed By BeatSlayer 2011-04-13

Facebook: Tero Leinonen

26 trx, 81min, 320KBPS, Top40, House, a lot of "pop dub", some electro, your mom, and IDM too.

Mixed By BeatSlayer...

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-09-02 Back To 80s And 90s Vol.3 Mixset


Mixed By BeatSlayer 2011-04-10
Facebook: Tero Leinonen

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-08-30 Back To 80s And 90s Mixset

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-10-15 Mixset


BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-08-30 Back To 80s And 90s Vol.2 Mixset

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-09-03 Club Mixset

Dj Markee live on the Decks!!!

pop mix aus dem jahre 1998.... mein erster versuch 2nummern zu verschmelzen. in diesem fall war dies einfach da der sound, die melodie, beider nummen gleicht

Size: 12:03 Mb.

Mixed By Beatslayer

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-08-30 ElectroClub Mixset

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-08-07 MixSet

Mixed By BeatSlayer 2011-08-07

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2012-10-02 MixSet Vol.1

Size: 23:53 Mb.

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2012-07-28 ClubElectro MixSet

Size: 31:29 Mb.

Size: 31:07 Mb.

This is a mix made of some of my club favorites, listen, dance and enjoy... Mixed By Beatslayer 2018-01-06 in Fagersta, Sweden

Size: 25:45 Mb.