Breaks — Old School Breaks

Some of my favorite track while growing up in Austins club scene right there along with all the House tracks from Vol 2, this makes me nostalgic for Proteus, Club 404, Ohms (Swank Thursdays), Hollywood Afterhours and all the Underground Parties back then. God I miss those days!!!

Old Skool Jungle Tekno mega mix of my favourite tunage from 92+


one of my personal favorite mixes. . had a lot of fun with this at a good time in my life. Its definitly more Florida funky breaks influenced by my good friend Afco.

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As a South Florida native, it was natural that Florida breaks was etched in my memory forever. Here's a tribute mix to that lovely old-school Florida sound.

Light Old Skool Jungle Tekno/Jungle

Breaks mix on a pair of techs

Size: 32:83 Mb.

TSM - CLub Masters Mix 1
lots of fun club breaks . .. . recorde live @ Bass Bin Studios party 6-11-09

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If I can remember correctly, freestyle was the very first electronic dance music genre I got hooked on throughout my early childhood up to my pre-teen years. So here's my take on freestyle. Enjoy.

old breaks mix i made.

all vinyl

oldskool hardcore mix

Old skool happy hardcore, breakbeat hardcore, jungle hardcore and jungle tekno. 92-95ish i think. Hands in the air, buzzin on e\'s, amen breaks galore, pianos, pitched up vocals and hoovers all the way. Love it!

Old skool hardcore, jungle tekno, happy hardcore (not a lot at all :) ) jungle, jungle hardcore, chilled rhythms, pianos, amen breaks a plenty, pitched vocals, hip hop samples.... 92 onwards. hands in the air, ravey baby, jungle bass, sun rising in the morning, you know you love it ;)

Some of my favorite breaks records from the golden era of rave music

Size: 58:32 Mb.

Old skool happy jungle tekno breakbeat hardcore. Some classics some sligfhtly more underground. Spread and share the music and increase the peace. safety ravers!

Just some more Classic Breaks for you to VIBE with....

Starts off as mega mix. Enjoy.


Size: 41:33 Mb.

Break hits from the '80s.

Size: 76:47 Mb.

Size: 73:3 Mb.

I made this mix on a pair of technics 1200 mk2 tables with some of my favorite breaks records from back in my raving days on a perfect spring night with some dank from holland and a chimay! I hope you enjoy my mix and my mistakes!

Size: 67:88 Mb.

Size: 95:23 Mb.