hutch kirkpatrick — djkommotion


Open format....dubstep, old school, top 40...everything
Bassnectar, Skrillex, Jay Z, Nero, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne,

Insane blend of Top 40 mixed with dubstep, electro, dutch, bmore, remixes and mashup

Top 40 twisted, remixed, edited and mixed to make top 40 a lot more interesting. From dubstep to hip hop and far beyond.

Eclectic blend of all genres mixed with Top 40 to make it interesting. Very current top 40 hits released monthly

An eclectic blend of new genres twisted with very current top 40 monthly. Introducting dubstep, wobble bass, breaks and many other styles along with crazy remixes and mashups.

Top 40 blended with all kinds of dubstep, electro, bmore, wobble bass, and some of the best remixes out.

Twisting top 40 with all types of genres like electro and dubstep....trying to introduce new styles of music to new ears.