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I wrote because I wanted to create a place where DJ's could upload their mixes and share their skills with the rest of the world
Drum n Bass, DrumStep, Breaks, House, Techno
State of Mind, Break, Silent Witness, Autobots, Elite Force, Lamb, Plump DJs, Noisia, Spor, Metric, Tantrum Desire, Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, Hamilton, 2DB, Ellie Goulding, Massive Attack
United States

I made this mix on a pair of technics 1200 mk2 tables with some of my favorite breaks records from back in my raving days on a perfect spring night with some dank from holland and a chimay! I hope you enjoy my mix and my mistakes!

Size: 67:88 Mb.

Size: 41:63 Mb.

A drum n bass mix done on the NI Traktor Z2 with CDJ-1000s

Size: 46:55 Mb.

Size: 22:52 Mb.

Breaks mix on a pair of techs

Size: 32:83 Mb.

Some of my favorite breaks records from the golden era of rave music

Size: 58:32 Mb.

Wordwide 2011

Size: 35:33 Mb.

Wicked and trippy mix with some dope tunes.

Size: 115:38 Mb.

2011 Drumstep Promo Mix

Cant stop listening to this track :)


A mix done entirely in ableton live, one of my first.

44 minutes and 25 seconds of 10th-generation genre-re-wiring, exploring bass music through an open-minded lens, regardless of tempo, or even beat-structure… this sound clash aims straight for your body, with the intent to melt you down into a fidgeting, wobbling mess of enthusiasm and delight. In addition to some of my favorite old records and samples, this mix features several brand new bassnectar tracks, heaps of exclusive edits, re-edits, and re-re-re-edits. Lot’s of re.

Part one of four hours of audio..from some of the hottest rave DJs in Texas.


Next in the BP Sessions series, ‘Free’. (As you might have noticed, I’m dropping the vol #’s from the titles)

Who says nothing is free in life?  I beg to differ! This mix was made with the free download promotions from BeatPort.  That’s right folks, FREE songs.  I’ve downloaded a good 25-30 or so quality tracks, at no cost.  All you need is an account–search for ‘promotions’ or ‘beatport promotions’.

CAUTION: extreme beats and low frequencies, may be hazardous to your sneakers.

Back with another release for the BP Sessions series.  ‘Hazardous’ is probably my craziest to date.  Hard, almost scary breaks, heavy laden with subwoofer killin’ bass lines and dopeass hooks; sure to move even the most timid dancer!!

I tried to get this release out before Halloween, but only had about half of it complete before I ran out of compatible tracks. 

This one has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple months, my apologies for not getting this out quicker! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…  It’s quite effin’ baddass to be honest, so here you go.

Lemme tell you how this came about, it’s kinda magical, if you will… Some nights before I recorded this, I downloaded a bunch of tracks using eMule (yes, I rediscovered this useful tool recently); I hadn’t really listened to t


Some hot new banging tracks in this mix. Aired live on


Second mix aired on Deep progressive breaks tunes on this one.

A nice bassy breaks mix done on CDJs.

Some brand new tracks in this one, don't miss out on this fresh mix!

Showcasing all of Break and Silent Witness' tracks. Perfect percussion and low lows. Comments are always welcome.

Size: 61:55 Mb.