arnold hendriks — dj wreckage 2


Just getting back in to the electronic scene. Looking for any help and support I can get.
Hip-hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass
kempton park
South Africa

a little mix mix i made to show my respect for this great dj nd producer !!!!!!!!!!!!! love this guys music !!!!!!!! its so soulful

Size: 33:14 Mb.

funky house

Size: 37:02 Mb.

funky groovy house beats

Size: 24:24 Mb.

some vocals nd groovy house beats

Size: 25:14 Mb.

sounds like music aliens would make luv too

Size: 27:07 Mb.

funky tech house beats

Size: 26:17 Mb.

tech house mix

Size: 7:16 Mb.

groovy tech vibez

Size: 27:48 Mb.

some driving tech

Size: 25:00 Mb.

some tech 4 all u house luvers

Size: 28:07 Mb.