Vincenzo Ladeira — Dj Vin GrooVin


I am a young talented up coming DJ from the south of Johannesburg, HUNGRY for the music industry! Dedicated to pleasing crowds in and out of the clubs and all over the party venues. Very friendly, down to earth and humble. Always a helping hand and never turn down the opportunity to express my talent anywhere and anytime the opportunity arises. Biography Name: Vincenzo Ladeira Dj Name: Vin GrooVin Genre: House Music,Commercial House, Deep house, Tech House, Jacking House, Latin Tech and Minimal tech Young up and coming DJ, inspired by many Local artists as well as international artists I have been DJing for 7 years and have broken into the club scene in the past 8 months. Resident DJ on the House Floor of Manhattans Night Club I've shadowed The Fresh Drive and have made contacts with the 5fm team as well as UCT radio and UJ radio I graduated from SoulCandi institute of music on the 6th August 2011 with 98%, being the highest mark achieved in my class. Gigs played: Private Gigs such as 16th's,18th's,21st's etc. Ultrafest (Mark Stent and Essential Groove Birthday party at Voodoo Lounge) Lectrix Fest JHB experience (Sky Raiders) Voodoo Lounge (4+ times) Stones Edenvale (3 times) Capital Music RoseBank NWU socials (4 times) Chicago's SuperClub Portuguese Social along side Mark Stent and Peter Booth Stones Edenvale Battle of the sexes (12th Aug;10 Sept) Tsakane extension1 (Kau Fela magazine gig- 3rd Sep) Ambience Lounge (3rd Sep) AHS miss and master (28th sep) AHS Matric Dance (29th Sep) Copa Cubana Manhattans Night club ( Resident DJ on the House Floor ) Ultrafest 26th November on Booth Productions floor Stones Boksburg Pepa LoungeBooth Production parties
House, Commercial party, tech house and minimal tech
Dj Fresh, Love the night life, music can not divorce you, piss you off or cheat on you...simple

Minimal Tech mix for your chillers, late nights and high days