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Eriq has been a dj for the past 10 years. Originally from El Paso, Tx where there is a strong club scene, Eriq learned from some of the best in the southwest. Specializing in mobile parties for 5 years, Eriq, made the transition into club dj and held numerous residencies at clubs down in El Paso as well as holding guest spots on a weekly radio station mixshow. It was during this time, Eriq learned the craft of the club dj and gained the experience needed to hold down a club. Here in Austin he held a residency at Prague, Lanai, Black & Tan lounge, and Club Exodus (prior to name change). He played for the Whole Foods Market Company parties held at Six Lounge for  2 years. In addition, he was also a regular dj for the Tiniest Bar in Texas. In his time in Austin he has also served as guest spots at Charlie's Austin, Bout time and played at 2011 splash bash. Eriq brings with him a style and presence that is matched by few. Fusing quick mixing, with perfect phrase mixing along with the best track selection, Eriq  stands apart from and atop the rest. Having perfected the art of blending many styles together, his sets are always filled with surprises and never the same repetition that is currently present among other djs. At a time where the club crowd has a short attention span and demands good music, Eriq Stylez is the absolute choice to remedy that. His styles include funky disco house, top 40, rock-house, mash-ups, electro and hip hop, latin, spanish, 80's, 90's, disco. There are none as versatile as he. His arsenal has recently come to include video mixing, so in addition to the best sounds, you will also be getting the best music videos to match his sets.   Just by listening to his many mixes available, you will soon realize what you have been missing this whole time and that missing piece is Dj Eriq Stylez
funky electro/ fidget electro house/mashup/ top 40
richard vission, bad boy bill, dj bam bam

felt a little tech inside and me and decided to drop a funky tech mix

Size: 70:16 Mb.

a blend of dirty dutch, top 40, electro, funky tech house mix for the clubs

Size: 64:51 Mb.

live mix on 10/14/11, just a bunch of top 40 and mashups for the club or work out

a brief commercial top 40 mix

live mix recorded at Black and Tan Lounge in Austin tx.

enjoy 30 plus tracks of banging electro, bassy fidget and champion sounds from the Dj Eriq Stylez

this mix was recorded live for global radio mixshow. featuring 78 minutes of electro house mixed by dj eriq stylez. fusing quick mixing with perfect phrase transitions, this is one mix to keep on the playlist

this is a commercial mix of mashups and remixes just to show versatility