James Spindor — Boy_Scout


Boy Scout is on a mission. His assignment: to push the revival of the Texas Hardcore scene! Armed with a crate of Hardcore vinyl and an almost inappropriate love of music, Boy Scout is prepared to take the Hardcore scene up a notch with his deadly combination of cheezy classics, bangin' anthems, and inspired track selection. He takes great pride in the tools of his trade; though some might consider them outdated and stale, Boy Scout trusts his wheels of steel and stacks of wax to get the job done with style and integrity.At the moment, Boy Scout can usually be found holed up with his comrades in arms, the Section 8 Underground, as they plot their next audio assault. With several events in the works, Section 8 HQ is always buzzing as they scout new local talent, search for the perfect venue, and generally work to put together the greatest Hardcore scene in the nation.Boy Scout and Outbreak came together early in 2007 with a handful of local DJ's to form The Sex Army, and proceeded to lay the groundwork for the ultimate revival of the Texas scene. Several memorable events and one unforgettable venue later, they teamed up with another local, DJ OMG, and Moonstruck Red, of Purple Monkey Productions. These four went on to form the Section 8 Underground, a team dedicated to the growth of Texas Hardcore and the promotion of new and local talent.So throw off the shackles of oppression and join the Underground! And remember...Always be prepared...for hardcore!
Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, D&B, Gabber
Hixxy, Brisk, Re-Con, Dougal, Gammer
Fort Worth

This is a first for me, layering hardcore on top of drum & bass. Each track is a HC/D&B mashup that I know will keep everyone moving!