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Popular Mixes

A minimal house and tech house mix.

Mixed on a pair of CDJ1000s and and DJM 400 mixer (owned by DJ MTLC).


Demo for Kiss & Fly Nightclub

100% live (even a little mistake or two, I think!)

71mins NONSTOP RNB tracks

Mix that was planned to be my 2000-12 mix but somehow became a lot long with a lot more Dubstep in it then planned. It takes you from Drumstep, DnB, and Jungle, to Dubstep, and then some Hard Electro to Help finish it off.

Classic house from the 80's.

Bass Heavy UK Funky Mix.

2 hour long pregressive trance mix

Here's a Retro, New Wave mega mix I did back in '99. This one is for the old school heads or any of those who might be curious.

This mix was done using my 1200s, a Mackie 32/8 ,a Tascam DA 88 (using 6 of the eight tracks) & an Alesis Quadaverb for FX.