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2 hour trance mix.

The transitions from "Brazil" to "Flash" and "Loops & Tings" are way off. I realize it sounds sloppy but I really didn't wanna go back and correct the mistakes... (Laziness for the most part, lol)

Size: 133:49 Mb.

DJ Medicine Man - M.I.A./EDJ - Texas

This is a little mix I threw together out of boredom last night, nothing major. Mostly on the lighter side, hints the name. Almost all new tracks and runs around 30 minutes. Enjoy

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Big shout out to MIA Crew Nationwide!
M.I.A. -
EDJ - http://www.everyd

house music

dj tazofa

Size: 22:46 Mb.

for the steppers

Size: 11:47 Mb.